Market Forecast and Competitor Analysis of Hybrid Vehicle in Brazil, 2017-2024

A leading worldwide automotive industry components and parts supplier involved Converged Markets to identify the market size and direct competitors of Hybrid Vehicle in Brazil. Converged Markets performed extensive primary and secondary research to estimate the market size. SWOT analysis has been conducted by various players in the market to evaluate the threats and opportunities. This helped the client to make the strategic decision on…

Competitors Assessment of Freight Management System Market in Latin America, 2016-2021

A global logistics supply chain company in both, freight management and contract logistics, employed Converged Markets to assess market forecast and key competitors of Freight Management System in Latin America. Converged Markets executed the analysis by size, growth, objectives, strategies, and target markets of each competitor.  This study assisted the client to recognize the current and future position of competitors in the market. In addition…

Analysis of Competitive Landscape of Global eHealth Market

A global manufacturer of medical device and solutions wished to recognize the global competitor/stakeholders in eHealth Market.  To conduct this study Converged Markets analyzed the product portfolios, geographic reach, USP, strategies, price, business model, and SWOT of various players. It helped the client to compete with the competitors in terms of price and USP.

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