Converged Markets is concerned about protecting the private information of its users or clients. Below listed privacy policy applies to Converged Markets and any other firm doing business under Converged Markets such as our affiliates as per their different business models.

  • Converged Markets ensure that personal information & data provided by site visitors will be strictly confidential.  We make sure that our employees will not share any information outside the office premises. 
  • Converged Markets may receive referrals from users and others, but the company guarantees the information about personal data to remain confidential. In some cases, we may collect data from third parties as a part of the promotional activity binding that they have to abide our privacy policy.
  • The information displayed on the website will be accessible and disclosed to a limited, designated individuals who could be a part of any subsidiary or listed enterprises within Converged Markets.
  • Personal data is used for Converged Markets’ legitimate business purposes as a part of service and deliverables; it is not transferred to a third party.
  • The company may transfer data, in case of law or government condition, to civic consultants for law implementation or national safety purposes. Personal or otherwise information also shall be released if required by law.
  • Converged Markets uses cookies to track your reaction to the website such as search terms and last page visited. We cluster statistics of the source of browsing, the region of browsing, and types of application used for browsing our website. For the registered website, user registration information will be stored in website cookies. In short, we use cookies to analyze the data.
  • You can change your browser settings to authorize or unauthorized cookies when you navigate any website. We also use cookies to maintain login and logout data.
  • Converged Markets does not publish any information from underage or hire minors (less than 18 years of age); however, the information available on the website may be used by them for learning and education purpose.
  • We do not promote, market, or share information for third parties.  Our employees, vendors, and service providers strictly abide by our privacy policy. We gather data via online or physical contact discovery information, which helps us to understand the requirement. We make sure this data is utilized by Converged Markets only. We may send you our product information from time-to-time to keep you updated. 
  • Converged Markets follows the anti-spam policy, and our clients restrict us from sending unasked commercial email infringement of applicable rules, functionality, and other data required. Our clients are required to agree to the anti-spam policy and any breach of this policy could result in immediate termination of subscription of service.

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